The Learning Journey

The Pharma Wake-up Learning Journey with Paul Simms

January 26, 2023 Season 2 Episode 1
The Learning Journey
The Pharma Wake-up Learning Journey with Paul Simms
Show Notes

Featuring: Paul Simms CEO and Founder, Impatient Health

BIO: Paul is an expert in pharma and healthcare. He founded his company Impatient Health over two years ago to make the industry more ambitious and creative. Before that, he ran Eye for Pharma for 17 years (which Reuters bought a few years ago). He is a leader and an industry provocateur pushing companies to redefine and innovate the global healthcare space,

Description: Following Paul's infamous predictions webinar, we had the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss a bold declaration regarding commercial team shake-ups and the new role of medical teams. He discusses how learning and education influence behaviour changes (insights for all salespeople), as well as where digital innovation may and will lead our industry.

 What you will learn: 

1.     Discover how companies differentiate themselves through a new approach to commercial and media teams.

2.     We discuss the future of pharma for commercial teams and what he meant by his prediction that commercial would cut off 20% of its employees.

3.     Paul discusses why digital launches may have failed, where they are headed, and some keys to success.


Impatient Health: Join Impatient Health on the journey to transform our industry to innovate and embrace value and outcomes. “Sick-care is dead; healthcare is finally coming.”

Pharmageddon is coming this May! Join Paul and his team at Impatient health in a completely innovative and re-designed event for pharma’s medical and commercial folks. No presentations, no exhibitions - just the biggest brains in pharma leadership working together over 2 days using design thinking and speculative design methodologies to re-imagine how pharma can benefit Patients and HCPs.”

Watch Paul’s yearly Predictions Webinar, where he sums up how he did in 2022 and makes bold predictions for 2023

Learn more about Professor Brian D. Smith and find his published works and books here

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