The Learning Journey

The Compliant Content Creation Learning Journey with Maria Bavishi

September 29, 2022
The Learning Journey
The Compliant Content Creation Learning Journey with Maria Bavishi
Show Notes

Featuring: Maria Bavishi, Associate Scientific Director and Writer at Axiom

 BIO: Maria has over 20 years of expertise generating accurate and focused scientific content in many formats, including digital learning modules, e-magazines, infographics, backgrounders, training videos, patient journeys, HCP-targeted presentations, advisory boards, and scientific narratives. She has worked in medical communications for Abbvie and numerous agencies. She specializes in HIV, HCV, and HBV antivirals. Diabetes, heart failure, chronic kidney disease, and allergy/immunology are also well-known. Maria creates scientific material for HCPs, MSLs, sales reps, payors, and ancillary health specialists. She provides scientifically correct, carefully messaged, and innovative sales training content.

Description: Coming off the heels of our webinar with LTEN on effective ways to prevent the use of inaccurate information to reduce compliance risk, we have brought back one of the panelists to dive into how to create engaging content that keeps audiences and field teams interested while remaining compliant. Maria walks us through creating compliant content and important factors that must be considered when creating for field teams and HCPs. We talk about how to make sure the teams stay engaged with the content, so they avoid using “homemade bread” when interacting with customers. She also talks about the importance of microlearning and how agile content is more than just a buzzword before finally giving key insights into development strengths when creating content for CL&D, HCPs, and patient groups. 

What you will learn:

1.     Key insights into creating compliant content for HCPs and Stakeholders and the important factors that must be considered. 

2.     Key insights into how to generate engaging content for commercial learning and development and field teams while remaining compliant,

3.     Why and how Agile content can have a big impact on the bottom line and compliance.


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