The Learning Journey

The Pharma Rep Enablement Learning Journey with James Harper Part 2

August 24, 2022 Kristina Belyea
The Learning Journey
The Pharma Rep Enablement Learning Journey with James Harper Part 2
Show Notes

Featuring: James Harper, Found and MD of Twentyeightb 28b LTD

BIO: James is a seasoned pharmaceutical veteran with a passion for healthcare and digital technology. He has 27 years in the Life Science (Pharmaceutical) industry, working in sales, brand strategy and compliance. He is the founder and MD of Twentyeightb. He is very passionate about enabling reps through technology!

Description: "Enable your sales representatives to fall in love with data." In part 2 of this learning journey,  James dives deeper into digital impact through data insights. He offers examples of better data which will help your teams be more effective. The importance of leveraging your CRM system to build functional data dashboards for sales reps and managers, enabling your teams to deliver data insights in a simple and meaningful way. We examine how you can build rich data sets from the interactions between CAMs/MSL (rep) and HCPs; however, you must do it right, knowing which metrics, technology to use and how to leverage content. He explains why modular content is the next silver bullet and the potential impact it can have on time and cost savings, as well as increased customer engagement. James adds to the conversation by presenting challenging ideas about the changing position of the pharma rep. In other words, this is an episode you should not miss!

What you will learn: 

  1. Types of data metrics/insights and value of their impact for reps and managers. 
  2. Potential impacts and value if Pharma reps were to adopt an account management mindset
  3. Modular content, how it transforms engagement, and how to use it effectively for improved engagement and analytics.


Panel: Debate on the future of the pharma rep led by James and Paul Simms on Oct 26th, Sign up now:

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Guest LinkedIn: James Harper

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