The Learning Journey

The Omnichannel Learning Journey with Parth Khanna

May 12, 2022 Kristina Belyea Season 1 Episode 1
The Learning Journey
The Omnichannel Learning Journey with Parth Khanna
Show Notes

Featuring: Parth Khanna, CEO & Co-Founder of ACTO.
Parth is a leader and expert in the life sciences industry, as well as the CEO and co-founder of ACTO. He holds an undergraduate degree in neuropsychology, two law degrees, and numerous patents in artificial intelligence. He has received countless nominations and awards over the last few years recognizing his leadership in the technology and life sciences space.

The Learning Journey of ACTOs CEO and cofounder will be shared in this episode, as he explores how omnichannel education is more than a trend; it is a way of thinking, how it can be implemented and what metrics it can power.

What you will learn: 

  1. The definition of “digital transformation” and how the Life Sciences industry is embracing it
  2. What is meant by “omnichannel education” and the impact it has on pharmaceutical companies
  3. Why technology, content, and change management are the three key factors that need to come together to execute an omnichannel education approach

Show Notes:
Impatient Health Webinar: New Commerical Capabilities for a New Era.
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